Key Industries

Broomfield is home to several corporate headquarters that power the global economy on a daily basis. Here are a few of the industries that power the local and world economies:

Broadcasting & Telecom - Connecting networks across the world, Broomfield is home to Level 3 communications, a global provider of telecommunications infrastructure.
Information Technology - Software - From software development and support to web security, Broomfield businesses help to secure networks, manage productivity, and drive innovation.
Aerospace - Colorado is home to one of the highest concentrations of aerospace engineering and manufacturing in the U.S. Broomfield is home to the corporate headquarters for Ball Corporation, a global leader in container manufacturing, as well as aerospace technologies.
Aviation - The aviation industry cluster includes companies that manufacture aircraft and provide air transportation services, with Denver International Airport (DIA) serving as the major economic engine for the region’s aviation industry.
Bioscience - The Denver-Boulder region ranks 11th among the top 50 metro areas for 2014 employment concentration in medical devices and 25th for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology employment.
Financial Services - With a over 94,000 employees working in the banking, investment and insurance industry, the financial services industry represents a powerful and growing industry in the region.
Energy -  With a high concentration of oil and gas producers and alternative energy manufacturers, the Denver region fosters the growth and development of the industry that drives the world.
Health & Wellness - One of the fastest growing clusters in Metro Denver, the healthcare industry employs over 190,000 with an annual payroll of $9.8 billion.
Advanced Manufacturing - Utilizing some of the most sophisticated technology in the market and demanding a highly skilled workforce, businesses around the Broomfield area manufacturer products from blinds to hard drives.